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AE Combustion Lab

Group leader



Wenting Sun


Assistant Professor

School of Aerospace Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering (courtesy appointment)

Georgia Institute of Technology




Email: wenting.sun at aerospace.gatech.edu

Phone: 404-894-0524

Office: Guggenheim 364







  • Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2013, Princeton University

  • M.E., Engineering Physics, 2007, Tsinghua University

  • B.E., Engineering Physics, 2005, Tsinghua University


Research interests:


  • Combustions

  • Plasma assisted combustion

  • Laser diagnostics and spectroscopy

  • Chemical kinetics of fuels

  • Kinetic mechanism reduction and multi-time scale modeling



Ph.D students



Miad Karimi

Since 2014

Research interest:

laser absorption spectroscopy, shock tube, supercritical CO2 oxy-combustion





Jinhoon Choe

Since 2016

Research interest:

plasma assisted combustion, combustion instability control




Bin Wu

Since 2016

Research interest:

ozone enhanced combustion, combustion kinetics






Anant Girdhar

Since 2017

Research interest:

multi timescale modeling






Martin Morrow

Since 2017

Research interest:

shock tube, laser spectroscopy




Master students




Zefang Liu

Since 2016

Research interest:














  • Suo Yang (PhD 2017) Assistant professor, University of Minnesota, Twin City (starting in Aug. 2018)

  • Xiang Gao (PhD 2017) data scientist at Microsoft

  • Kenneth Ng (MS 2016) Automated Tooling System

  • Stewart Carpenter (MS 2016) Orbital ATK

  • Michael Barnett (MS 2017) Branch Chief at the National Space Defense Center












Lab Information:

Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab

635 Strong St, Atlanta, GA 30318

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Contact: Wenting Sun, 404-894-0524, wenting.sun at aerospace.gatech.edu